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Spirituality, Religion, & Addiction

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Is spirituality the same as religion? And what does spirituality have to do with addiction? Religion and spirituality are different. Spirituality is a path taken to discover who we are and what our life is about. This knowledge can be used to guide individuals in their recovery from addiction. Spirituality leads to our moral compass, our values and beliefs about ourselves, and even our perspective on ourselves and others. We don’t have to be religious to be spiritual. Spirituality can be an important aspect of recovery from addiction. Look at the article below on spirituality and addiction to get more information.

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By: Jean H. Moral, SAC-IT

Finding a Mindfulness Practice

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Implementing a mindfulness practice can sound like another item to throw onto your already packed to do list, but The Mindful Pause is really just that though, a pause, in your day.  

Here’s how it works according to Dr. Niemiec (2016):

1.) Pause and feel your in-breath and out-breath for 10-15 seconds.

2.) Conclude with a question: Which of my character strengths will I bring forward right now?

This super short, and easy to use practice is perfect for transition moments in your day, or when you just need to refocus and tap into a more helpful emotion.

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By: Caitlyn Hummel, SAC-IT