West Grove Clinic Expands!


Now Open! West Grove Clinic Expands to Oak Creek and Kenosha

In an effort to maximize their potential to facilitate lasting healing and growth to their clients and the larger community, West Grove Clinic has expanded their compassionate, cutting-edge care to new locations. The clinic is excited to announce the opening of their two, new clinics, which are located on South Howell Avenue in Oak Creek and on 75th Street in Kenosha. The opening of these clinics presents an exciting opportunity for the communities of Southeastern Wisconsin, who will now have more convenient access to a clinic providing care on the leading edge of substance use and mental health treatment. 

While at these new locations, West Grove will continue to offer individualized care to meet the specific needs of their clients. The clinic recognizes and celebrates these differences by highlighting the client’s strengths and working collaboratively to design unique healing journeys. This will be achieved through offering two new intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) for substance use treatment in both the Oak Creek and Kenosha locations. In addition, both locations will offer individual, outpatient counseling for substance use and mental health treatment, as well as medication management for substance use and mental health treatment in Kenosha. West Grove Clinic looks forward to the opportunity to be a new source of community support in the Kenosha and Oak Creek areas, while continuing to listen to the needs of their clients, integrate the latest advances in healthcare, and provide collaborative, effective care.