Women & Addiction

woman on bench

Men are from Mars women are from Venus, right? Well, when it comes to addiction recovery that shoe fits. According to Brenda Iliff, “2.7 million women in the United States abuse drugs or alcohol.” Many women don’t get treatment because they don’t want to lose their kids or be separated from their family, or they may view their use as being a social habit. If you have ever felt like this then don’t worry, you’re not alone! According to Iliff, “women start using for different reasons, get addicted differently, progress faster, recovery differently and relapse for different issues.” There also is more of a stigma and more shame when it comes to women and substance abuse. Women even metabolize alcohol and drugs differently than men. There’s hope, Iliff says that recovery is natural for women. Women are wired for connection and relationships, so women may find support groups like 12 steps or other peer support groups helpful because they give women an opportunity to build and recover within the context of relationships. Check out the link for information on the difference between men and women when it comes to recovery! Copy and past this link to read the full article:


Sara Saunders BA, SAC-IT