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Mindfulness & Addiction


Psychiatrist Judson Brewer studies the relationship between mindfulness and addiction in his TED Talk. He explains the processes involved in habit formation and proposes a profound approach to removing the connection between thought and behavior through the use of mindfulness. Although Brewer utilizes smoking and eating as examples during his talk, the underlying mindfulness process is readily adaptable to all forms of addiction. Watch below!

Thomas N. Pfister, B.S.

Addiction from a Loved One’s Point of View

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There is nothing more painful than seeing someone you love, suffer from the disease of addiction.  It can be overwhelming.  Not only do you feel the need to help them, you forget to help yourself.  Understanding the disease of addiction, can help you to deal with the journey of recovery. Listed in the attached article, you will find information that will help you to understand the realities of addiction and how to cope.  There is hope.

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Jean H. Moral, SAC-IT

Inside the Brain

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West Grove Clinic staff discovered a unique website founded by Paul Henry, a researcher of the neuropsychology of addictive behaviors, who is also a recovering addict. The site features a collection of articles discussing what the creator and his writing team believe about addictive behavior, neurobiology, and the relationship of stress/emotional regulation to addiction. The site offers information and support to both people experiencing addiction, and those who simply wish to learn more about the addiction.

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Inside the Brain

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